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Setting aside a CCJ

Setting a judgement aside

You can apply to have a CCJ set aside using a form called n244. This usually costs £255 although you can use form ex160 for help with the fees if you are on a low income or benefits and supply a statement of support.
Send the completed n244 along with your ex160 and statement of support to the court.

You should also send a copy of the n244 the claimants. Do not include your statement of support or your ex160. Just send the n244

This will return it to the court where you can defend it. If they reissue a claim form come back to the group for help defending it.

How to fill out the N244

No1- name
No2 – defendant
No3- An order that the judgment be set aside and the defendant given chance to defend the claim.
No4- no
No5- at a hearing
No6- 20 min
No7- n/a
No8- district judge
No9- all parties
No9a- blank
No10- the attached witness statement
Then sign 10 and 11

Statement of support

Download the statement of support from the link below and edit the parts necessary to suit your needs. Find Documents

If you require more help completing your statement- or with any other stage of your application to the courts, feel free to post in our forum

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