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Council Parking Fines

Council Parking Fines

The Basics of council PCNs

All PCN’s have a charge number. It is 2 letters followed by 8 digits and usually is on the top right hand side of any paperwork. The procedure for a Council parking ticket is as follows:-

– PCN issued – You now have 14 days to pay or dispute it.

– Reminder sent with increased fee

– Form TE3 Order for recovery of unpaid penalty charge (A final date for payment is on the TE3).

All of this is dealt with by the Council.

If you dispute a parking ticket then you should write to them making representations within 14 days of receiving the ticket. In the event that there is no dispute and no payment the PCN will be sent by the Council to TEC for them to issue a Warrant of Control.

Protect your vehicle

The one advantage Bailiffs have with PCN’s over other debts is that they have the registration number of the vehicle. This means that they can quickly identify that vehicle and it makes it more susceptible to Clamping and everyone needs to be aware of this. If a Notice of Enforcement is received then you should take steps immediately.

To find out more about clamping,  click here

“It is important to remember that a PCN is Civil and NOT Criminal and Bailiffs do not have the power to force entry to your home”


If you have not received a PCN…

If you have not received the PCN or if you appealed or made representations but have heard nothing further from the Council or if you were not the legal owner at the time of the PCN you need to complete forms TE7, and TE9 and email them immediately to Traffic Enforcement Centre.

(A TE7 is an Application to File a Statement out of Time/Extension of Time (Parking) and A TE9 is a Witness Statement.)

They are processed at 4pm each working day and notification is sent directly to the Council from TEC. This should stop any enforcement action until the Council have assessed the merits of the forms. This can take up to 28 days.

If the Council refuse your submissions then you should make Application to TEC using form N244. This must be done within 14 days of the date on the rejection from the Council.

The purpose of the N244 Application is to review the Court Officers decision so you must supply as much information and evidence as possible to support it.


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